Edit Templates On WIX Editor

  1. RULERS: Here you may find vertical and horizontal rulers on the editor screen. It helps users to make design and put elements accurately on the screen. It helps to make the design pixel perfect.
  2. EDITOR MENUS: WIX Editor includes two different menus on the screen those are very easy to understand.
    1. Top Bar: Top Bar Menu includes several tools and settings to manage things on the website, those are as below:
      • Page: To navigate between website’s pages.
      • Desktop and Mobile Signs: To switch between desktop and mobile view.
      • Site:  Here you may find the options to save, preview and publish the site, check site history, get feedback, duplicate site and transfer the ownership of site.
      • Settings:  Here you may find pro settings like connect the site with domain, get mail box, do SEO for website and more.
      • Tools: It helps to enable or disable the preview of different tools available on the editor like: ruler, toolbar, gridlines and snap to objects.
      • Dev Mode: It is basically for developer purpose and use to do custom code and to custom functionality.
      • Help: This section provide you access the different articles an videos about how to make things happen on WIX.
      • Upgrade: To upgrade your plan from free to premium where you can access other pro features.
      • Zoom Out & Reorder Sign: To check back and reorder the particular section on your web-pages at once.
      • Undo: To do your last action (Ctrl + Z)
      • Redo: To redo your last action (Ctrl + Y)
      • Save: To save your recent changes you you have made on the web-pages.
      • Preview: To preview your site once before publish it.
      • Publish: To publish your website or launch in public.
    2. Left Side Menu: Left side menu includes several settings and options to implement elements and features on web-pages.
      • Menus & Pages: Use it to add, delete and manage the order of different web-pages on the website.
      • Background: To add and manage particular web-page background.
      • Add: Here you may find several features and elements to add on web-pages like: sections, text, heading, image gallery and many more.
      • Add Apps: Here you may access different third party apps for your different needs like: Forms, Email Subscriptions, Analytics and many more.
      • Media: Here you may upload and manage graphics and media to use on your website.
      • Other Options like Booking or Blog: You may find some other options after media depends on your website type.