WIX Templates

  1. Visit WIX.com and sign in with your WIX account.

  2. Click to ‘Create New Site‘ button.

  3. Select the perfect category for your website.

  4. Click to the ‘Start Now‘ button to create website using WIX ADI.

  5. Answer to the required questions and provide information, ask by WIX.
    • 1st: ‘What type of site do you want to create?

    • 2nd: ‘What do you need on your new website?

    • 3rd: ‘What is the name of your blog?

    • 4th: ‘Do you want to import your images and text?

    • 5th: ‘Review and edit your info

    • 6th: ‘Pick a theme you like

  6. Choose your desired website design and click to the ‘Edit Site‘ link